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Welcome to our server list. Server locations and details, service issues, and scheduled maintenance — it's all here.

Regular servers (OpenVPN) (284 active)

These are the server locations available in the Mullvad app. If you're an OpenVPN user, you can specify a particular region or server using the details below.

Name* Country City IP address Groups*
au-bne-001 Australia Brisbane au-bne
au-mel-002 Australia Melbourne au-mel
au-mel-003 Australia Melbourne au-mel
au-mel-004 Australia Melbourne au-mel
au-per-001 Australia Perth au-per
au-syd-001 Australia Sydney au-syd
au-syd-002 Australia Sydney au-syd
au-syd-003 Australia Sydney au-syd
at-vie-001 Austria Wien
at-vie-002 Austria Wien
at-vie-003 Austria Wien
be-bru-001 Belgium Brussels
be-bru-002 Belgium Brussels
be-bru-003 Belgium Brussels
br-sao-001 Brazil Sao Paulo
bg-sof-001 Bulgaria Sofia
bg-sof-002 Bulgaria Sofia
ca-mtr-001 Canada Montreal ca-qc
ca-mtr-002 Canada Montreal ca-qc
ca-tor-001 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca-tor-002 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca-tor-003 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca-tor-004 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca-van-001 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
ca-van-002 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
ca-van-003 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
ca-van-004 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
cz-prg-001 Czech Republic Prague
cz-prg-002 Czech Republic Prague
dk-cph-101 Denmark Copenhagen
dk-cph-102 Denmark Copenhagen
dk-cph-201 Denmark Copenhagen
dk-cph-301 Denmark Copenhagen
fi-hel-001 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-002 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-003 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-004 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-005 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-006 Finland Helsinki
fr-mrs-001 France Marseille fr-mrs
fr-mrs-002 France Marseille fr-mrs
fr-par-001 France Paris
fr-par-002 France Paris
fr-par-003 France Paris
de-fra-001 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-002 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-003 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-004 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-005 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-006 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-007 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-008 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-009 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-010 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-011 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-012 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-013 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-014 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-015 Germany Frankfurt
de-fra-101 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-102 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-103 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-201 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-202 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
gr-ath-001 Greece Athens
hk-hkg-001 Hong Kong Hong Kong
hk-hkg-002 Hong Kong Hong Kong
hk-hkg-003 Hong Kong Hong Kong
hu-bud-001 Hungary Budapest
hu-bud-002 Hungary Budapest
in-pnq-001 India Pune
il-pet-001 Israel Petach-Tikva
it-mil-001 Italy Milan
it-mil-002 Italy Milan
jp-tyo-001 Japan Tokyo
jp-tyo-002 Japan Tokyo
lv-rix-001 Latvia Riga
lu-lux-001 Luxembourg Luxembourg
md-kiv-001 Moldova Chisinau
nl-ams-001 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-002 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-003 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-004 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-005 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-006 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-007 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-008 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-009 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-010 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-011 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-012 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-013 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-014 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-015 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-016 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-017 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-018 Netherlands Amsterdam
nz-akl-001 New Zealand Auckland
no-osl-001 Norway Oslo
no-osl-002 Norway Oslo
no-osl-003 Norway Oslo
no-osl-004 Norway Oslo
no-osl-005 Norway Oslo
no-osl-006 Norway Oslo
no-osl-007 Norway Oslo
pl-waw-001 Poland Warsaw
pl-waw-002 Poland Warsaw
pl-waw-003 Poland Warsaw
pt-lis-001 Portugal Lisbon
ro-buh-001 Romania Bucharest
ro-buh-002 Romania Bucharest
rs-ini-001 Serbia Nis
sg-sin-001 Singapore Singapore
sg-sin-002 Singapore Singapore
sg-sin-003 Singapore Singapore
sk-bts-001 Slovakia Bratislava
sk-bts-002 Slovakia Bratislava
za-jnb-001 South Africa Johannesburg
es-mad-001 Spain Madrid
es-mad-002 Spain Madrid
es-mad-003 Spain Madrid
se-got-001 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-002 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-003 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-004 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-005 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-006 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-007 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-hel-001 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-002 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-003 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-004 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-007 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-008 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-mma-001 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-002 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-003 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-004 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-005 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-006 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-007 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-008 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-009 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-010 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-sto-001 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-002 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-003 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-004 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-005 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-006 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-007 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-008 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-009 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-010 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-011 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-012 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-013 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-014 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-015 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-016 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-017 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-018 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-019 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-020 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-021 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-022 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-023 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-024 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-025 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
ch-zrh-001 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-002 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-003 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-004 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-005 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-006 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-007 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-008 Switzerland Zurich
gb-lon-101 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-102 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-103 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-104 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-105 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-201 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-202 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-301 UK London gb-lon
gb-mnc-001 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb-mnc-002 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb-mnc-003 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb-mnc-004 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb-mnc-005 UK Manchester gb-mnc
us-atl-001 USA Atlanta, GA us-ga
us-atl-002 USA Atlanta, GA us-ga
us-bos-001 USA Boston, MA us-ma
us-bos-002 USA Boston, MA us-ma
us-clt-001 USA Charlotte, NC us-nc
us-clt-002 USA Charlotte, NC us-nc
us-chi-001 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-002 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-003 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-004 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-005 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-006 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-007 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-008 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-cle-001 USA Cleveland, OH us-oh
us-cle-002 USA Cleveland, OH us-oh
us-dal-001 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-dal-002 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-dal-003 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-dal-004 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-den-001 USA Denver, CO us-co
us-den-002 USA Denver, CO us-co
us-hnl-001 USA Honolulu, HI
us-jan-001 USA Jackson, MS us-ms
us-las-001 USA Las Vegas, NV us-nv
us-las-002 USA Las Vegas, NV us-nv
us-las-003 USA Las Vegas, NV us-nv
us-lax-001 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-002 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-003 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-004 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-005 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-006 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-007 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-008 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-009 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lui-001 USA Louisville, KY
us-mia-001 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-mia-002 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-mia-003 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-mia-004 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-mia-005 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-mke-001 USA Milwaukee, WI
us-msp-001 USA Minneapolis/St. Paul Apt, MN
us-nyc-001 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-002 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-003 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-004 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-005 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-006 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-007 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-008 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-009 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-010 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-011 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-012 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-013 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-014 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-015 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-016 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-017 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-018 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-okc-001 USA Oklahoma City, OK us-ok
us-okc-002 USA Oklahoma City, OK us-ok
us-phl-001 USA Philadelphia, PA us-pa
us-phl-002 USA Philadelphia, PA us-pa
us-phx-004 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us-phx-005 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us-phx-006 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us-pil-001 USA Piscataway, NJ us-nj
us-pil-002 USA Piscataway, NJ us-nj
us-pil-003 USA Piscataway, NJ us-nj
us-pdx-001 USA Portland, OR
us-ric-001 USA Richmond, VA us-va
us-ric-002 USA Richmond, VA us-va
us-slc-001 USA Salt Lake City, UT us-ut
us-slc-002 USA Salt Lake City, UT us-ut
us-sfo-001 USA San Francisco, CA us-ca
us-sfo-002 USA San Francisco, CA us-ca
us-sjc-001 USA San Jose, CA us-ca
us-sjc-002 USA San Jose, CA us-ca
us-sea-001 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-sea-002 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-sea-003 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-sea-004 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-sea-101 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-uyk-001 USA Secaucus, NJ us-nj
us-uyk-002 USA Secaucus, NJ us-nj
us-fsd-001 USA Sioux Falls, SD
us-stl-001 USA St. Louis , MO
us-xlx-001 USA Stamford, CT
us-was-001 USA Washington DC us-dc
us-was-002 USA Washington DC us-dc
ua-iev-001 Ukraine Kiev

* Append .mullvad.net to any name, e.g se1.mullvad.net.

WireGuard servers (52 active)

New to the WireGuard protocol? Get started with our WireGuard guides.

Name* Country City Public key SOCKS5 name* Multihop port
au1-wireguard Australia Sydney H9bSjJ1hNwZ98EzcBpyBmtTY7ps6IgNSZVbbu2T/Sx8= au1-wg.socks5 3014
at1-wireguard Austria Wien iE7SukqspT1UtQxce9S5plJ+GpAXdl4zG2oqpbhzvAw= at1-wg.socks5 3036
be1-wireguard Belgium Brussels lR7ybZ85cLro9mIE6jSFgGCWQ3Bi2So83X7K0CMh3W8= be1-wg.socks5 3035
br1-wireguard Brazil Sao Paulo iFQ2FKfShwumBtWdpfa/C3FSff8vkJdOfM067aN0Z0M= br1-wg.socks5 3055
bg1-wireguard Bulgaria Sofia fvrfiHhg+Zw8wrEBtFW8Ys2CjEePQhQaLHymYiHm+nI= bg1-wg.socks5 3034
ca3-wireguard Canada Montreal N3TIJnj6HDEGmeKmJ0g3s3h9TnvtC7e6yuP/jpKmExg= ca3-wg.socks5 3047
ca1-wireguard Canada Toronto BQVUyn4F0NlbALK0ksCi4pY9d6/adMaXPdtjKgoL41E= ca1-wg.socks5 3008
ca2-wireguard Canada Vancouver quPBSdtRAfoUVkbRWvjXF5d5cYwhURobppSVd5Uz3xA= ca2-wg.socks5 3045
cz1-wireguard Czech Republic Prague /LNuMn2Q3PXMjc5c84bAgf5efyXsKTQxPm45ywSK/Gg= cz1-wg.socks5 3033
dk1-wireguard Denmark Copenhagen ny9u5anjMGsoe2Yrf3wqZMvSifNtTknVMz3KfblWpi0= dk1-wg.socks5 3024
fi1-wireguard Finland Helsinki lA7gRTmiY9IcSQGXjOEaJjvgtO76BwYJsaaNQqemMWU= fi1-wg.socks5 3021
fr1-wireguard France Paris 9zpV9nBENx8DsjjRe2GLqmFk4jlfQhTkMG5V0xpZESc= fr1-wg.socks5 3005
de1-wireguard Germany Frankfurt IF4ROzAOkRKdz+Hy+TWS1LTOZPGaLsm9PW5EN5AEOkc= de1-wg.socks5 3009
de2-wireguard Germany Frankfurt Ko5Vhr1L11DRpKBRw6TMXvCaZby6N32R4NQsdTGzfE0= de2-wg.socks5 3018
de4-wireguard Germany Frankfurt XTdlx3YmLb1vg1NsruXYmfzP6FZKmZR90Vr3u9kJ7S0= de4-wg.socks5 3053
de5-wireguard Germany Frankfurt bRcOjl6Yc+2x0dHCO6eSGoo9Y9euv9DljDJEYoLA0ks= de5-wg.socks5 3054
hk1-wireguard Hong Kong Hong Kong ZlAoBnq2CCqVfyHVkohdXRGGRdEXax65TdsS+CjjKmA= hk1-wg.socks5 3013
in1-wireguard India Pune a8aifl4OSdqZ5MiIJsnHvekO2F7Ykk0MzFRxkoMLQF4= in1-wg.socks5 3057
it1-wireguard Italy Milan fEq76eJ+YYvOZMZB+5TVJ0T1mlRqdTKl1kWZsOQqQkU= it1-wg.socks5 3032
jp1-wireguard Japan Tokyo jBqu/2AJK3sIL38qF30l1QhEBmipNTdrbvnF4xIOnXk= jp1-wg.socks5 3037
md1-wireguard Moldova Chisinau BQobp2UXHJguYGz06WWJGJV6QytNIZlgMwr6Joufhx8= md1-wg.socks5 3056
nl1-wireguard Netherlands Amsterdam nLFb+Clb4zlw9wPfeD1vqy5mqEyOd9cIGWmn7ajwemw= nl1-wg.socks5 3004
nl2-wireguard Netherlands Amsterdam xPCfz6C6KhzLiSjTxvIf11OKaakFwt2o4D8MYTRtOks= nl2-wg.socks5 3039
nl3-wireguard Netherlands Amsterdam EW4iLYqiMHOmvik6ZedMGwEpI4AkA1QklSFWzHkEOW8= nl3-wg.socks5 3040
no1-wireguard Norway Oslo jOUZjMq2PWHDzQxu3jPXktYB7EKeFwBzGZx56cTXXQg= no1-wg.socks5 3006
pl1-wireguard Poland Warsaw 6m4oQHDitNtJ5iMeHXW2fT3IkvHNVcluN+eG2fbyX00= pl1-wg.socks5 3016
ro1-wireguard Romania Bucharest LKU2opNCTQfG/5Rzj3ez7LchwXk0GXcctkiGJ1oXOks= ro1-wg.socks5 3026
sg1-wireguard Singapore Singapore IEaL4ujeMNhY8w3Dhtw/opsnhoQLeC5SQ0oywwLQESM= sg1-wg.socks5 3022
es1-wireguard Spain Madrid hDflDse0Nz7GsZ0q5uylWOJaJQ6woJPCGy8IvTXKjzo= es1-wg.socks5 3023
se3-wireguard Sweden Gothenburg 5JMPeO7gXIbR5CnUa/NPNK4L5GqUnreF0/Bozai4pl4= se3-wg.socks5 3020
se5-wireguard Sweden Gothenburg AtvE5KdPeQtOcE2QyXaPt9eQoBV3GBxzimQ2FIuGQ2U= se5-wg.socks5 3049
se4-wireguard Sweden Malmö m4jnogFbACz7LByjo++8z5+1WV0BuR1T7E1OWA+n8h0= se4-wg.socks5 3028
se2-wireguard Sweden Stockholm BfyxzL1mtigKIfM51OhxD+FBBSk+/SHEUE9UlDJ45W4= se2-wg.socks5 3011
se6-wireguard Sweden Stockholm pKcMMeC4jMUxSU5pH1orvp4//GrY8is+y9JRfVP3+BY= se6-wg.socks5 3050
ch1-wireguard Switzerland Zurich SzmAUqFzWRHazql4EGVgphTdUBFq8Wus980nCl99TgI= ch1-wg.socks5 3010
ch2-wireguard Switzerland Zurich W9eD8dkodIi1DAh18xChTOBmIT6kPxgFG872toGOwVk= ch2-wg.socks5 3025
gb1-wireguard UK London TMOEAxpcv5xz+PvcvqP0Iy4+px+hrCJUJHGcy45DVQI= gb1-wg.socks5 3003
gb2-wireguard UK London gEor1tjIW4DmKfF24A8j8Ongw7B9pnhZ2n09xR5mH1o= gb2-wg.socks5 3017
gb3-wireguard UK Manchester UMnM3Zphy4LsrPFYqdjJZmXV428tGmaCbpdYm74UrgQ= gb3-wg.socks5 3031
us6-wireguard USA Atlanta, GA ti5M7ntXuq8mk0NR9mhD0T3cPJ+/tA3fahijDb31RQ4= us6-wg.socks5 3029
us4-wireguard USA Chicago, IL 9BIWByBn70uCB9qVj9Vf02yzar4RJQjgHyVpo+yLk2c= us4-wg.socks5 3015
us7-wireguard USA Dallas, TX 42L1l0u+/iKN/KDTcjSMM6vyNqNwWN9o453KCTet8iA= us7-wg.socks5 3030
us11-wireguard USA Las Vegas, NV vBN7qyUTb5lJtWYJ8LhbPio1Z4RcyBPGnqFBGn6O6Qg= us11-wg.socks5 3044
us12-wireguard USA Los Angeles, CA JRm6+qOnD7LszMg+I/r79XF2hfXwjHuRdYThaKvg42A= us12-wg.socks5 3046
us2-wireguard USA Los Angeles, CA 5YT2bFSXrp8fkCKJ9MCxgtLJnsajJAqmqE+GGFnZjwg= us2-wg.socks5 3007
us3-wireguard USA Miami, FL RXVzV6fA8nDqHP3zMkqrh5v2TBpcW+0o+TXjJfGpGxU= us3-wg.socks5 3012
us1-wireguard USA New York, NY Wy2FhqDJcZU03O/D9IUG/U5BL0PLbF06nvsfgIwrmGk= us1-wg.socks5 3001
us13-wireguard USA New York, NY AnfOP57FBVtz2qsQmJEANDrbhORJ/e1uHIWhXUd+EUc= us13-wg.socks5 3048
us15-wireguard USA Phoenix, AZ 7ehlAyFxcThGWc3Rr1Vfq0gN+S8apa9fdCN58COJKCM= us15-wg.socks5 3052
us14-wireguard USA Piscataway, NJ yRimUx86+EjVtQUedKbwoJlR6VwvGsUNUatxQIJM5i0= us14-wg.socks5 3051
us9-wireguard USA Salt Lake City, UT aRvqiUQfbburTDq4ueAaDPYh8SDqEWy0JeNm9qsaeT4= us9-wg.socks5 3042
us5-wireguard USA Seattle, WA 0idpgcRimndYSaoRYQZsi6vgSefXbS1GWKiGhLRyEyg= us5-wg.socks5 3019

* Append .mullvad.net to any name, e.g se1-wireguard.mullvad.net.

Bridge servers (9 active)

Using bridges might help if you're stuck behind a restrictive firewall and can't access our VPN servers directly. Get started with our Bridges guide.

Name* Country City SSH Fingerprint
de-fra-br-001 Germany Frankfurt SHA256:e7u9Ur3WNA+yF8tZxsInySAAOzmkRdEqm4yJSs8iE3E
hk-hkg-br-001 Hong Kong Hong Kong SHA256:FCCud1cNwbYHC9BUeCn0x5VjvpxLjGn7IDv4vp9sPLI
nl-ams-br-001 Netherlands Amsterdam SHA256:TzYWaORX5dHrWADi4+pofpf5JzYZrlEUEMKh0tG8WEE
no-osl-br-001 Norway Oslo SHA256:1pMFQtb2y5dKx0dvJUk+Oey0XLdwCMWpDjGnUs/Ze5E
se-hel-br-001 Sweden Helsingborg SHA256:bXXZqMc+mSL/GoMWDCa3lj30QtsGWNyXLLPCDj20XO0
se-mma-br-001 Sweden Malmö SHA256:LuBJ1HTfEWNQsvDc5tZrwoG+CokMypcflLMObEnCeMg
us-lax-br-001 USA Los Angeles, CA SHA256:PNqH4f7kfS23LrNbShKf65fIFpL8wui/4LFpdmb47hc
us-mia-br-001 USA Miami, FL SHA256:8s0CGkZr4pPx6JuEPmGm+3Q/0oI6n90IcRAoaXVnvxw
us-nyc-br-001 USA New York, NY SHA256:/Fxijh3siXlT/mB+n5E6cyMSrR+m+RWSeLhxc75B6Tg

* Append .mullvad.net to any name, e.g se1-bridge.mullvad.net.