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Mullvad client - Settings

In this guide, we walk you through all the information and settings found in the Mullvad VPN client.


STOP ⚠ Switch to our new VPN app

Our old client, which this guide covers, is no longer supported. Start using the new Mullvad VPN app.

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Status Tab


The Status tab shows the status of your connection. This is also where you connect to, disconnect from, quit, and report a problem to Mullvad.

Time left: How much time is remaining on your account before it expires.

Status: Shows the current status of your VPN connection, either Connecting, Connected, or Disconnected.

Country: Shows the country your are connected through.

IPv4: The IP address that your device will seem to be using.

IPv6: The IP address that your device will seem to be using.

Disconnect: Click to disconnect from Mullvad. It can take a few seconds before you are disconnected; wait until "Disconnected" is shown next to Status.

Connect: Click to connect to Mullvad. It can take a few seconds before you are connected; wait until "Connected" is shown next to Status.

Address: The Mullvad server that you are currently connected to.

Port: The port on the server that you are connected to.

Protocol: The protocol that your connection is using.

Version: This shows whether or not the current version of Mullvad that you are using is the latest version that we have released. We always recommend that you download and use the latest Mullvad version available.

Settings Tab

In the Settings tab, you can adjust the various settings in order to change the behavior and performance of the client.

Note: you will need to disconnect from and reconnect to the Mullvad client in order for most changes to be applied.

Account number: This is your account number. It is required in order to connect. Don't lose it. Please write it down!

Change account number: Click here in order to edit or change your account number.

Account management: This takes you to your account information on the Mullvad website (you need a working internet connect in order to do this). Here you can get information on how to renew your subscription as well as see your account status.

Ports: Here you can manage which public ports will be forwarded (also known as port forwarding) to your computer through the VPN tunnel. This is mainly used so that other computers on the internet can reach a service located on the computer from which Mullvad is running.

To add a port, click on the Manage button and then Add. Close the window and reconnect to Mullvad. If, for example, you were assigned port 5588 and server, then you would tell users to use as the address at which your computer could be reached.

Please keep in mind that if you have multiple computers connected to the same server, only the last one that connects will receive the forwarded ports.

Block the internet on connection failure: This protects anonymity by blocking your access to the internet in the event that the Mullvad connection is terminated. Your internet access will remain blocked until the connection is reestablished or you click on Disconnect or Quit in the Status tab.

Stop DNS leaks: Removes all non-Mullvad DNS servers when connecting. This prevents your internet service provider (ISP) or those running your local network from potentially seeing which domain names  and therefore which websites you are visiting. This setting (and most others) takes effect only after you have disconnected from and reconnected to Mullvad.

Tunnel IPv6: If this is not checked, IPv6 will be blocked.

Country: The country you select will make it seem as if your device is located there. If you want the fastest connection possible, choose the country nearest you. Our guide on connection speed can help if you are having related issues.

Auto start: Selecting this will run Mullvad automatically when you start up your device.

Advanced: Our guide on advanced settings covers these options.

Report a problem: This sends a problem report to us at Mullvad. The report will include your settings and logs. You can choose to include your own description of the problem and your email address. However, if you don't provide a valid email address, we won't be able to reply. You do have the option of sending an encrypted email to us using PGP. Mullvad's PGP key is found on our website.